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Wasps Hatching during a nest removal

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Meet the Bug Police Family

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Are you ready for Professional Pest Control that can handle ANY pest Control problem you may be experiencing?  Bug Police is a Professional Extermination Company, locally owned and operated, who specialize in Bed Bugs (bedbugs), Termites & Bee Removal but can tackle ANY type of Pest infestation you might be having. Collectively we have close to 20 years experience in the industry.  Your home or business will be serviced by the owners, Don Safcik or Casey Moore, who will provide superior service with a personal touch.  Both of our owners are retired Police Officers who serviced our communities for over 20 years combined.  

We protect your Residential Home or Commercial Business from:

  • Bed Bugs- offering 1-year warrantied thermal heat treatments as well as the option of chemical treatments.  Heat Treatment is guaranteed with an optional lifetime warranty!   Be done with bedbugs invading your home once and for all!  *Need more time to pay*? - Ask us about our payment plans and get started today!
  • Termites - Offering Termite Inspections and Treatment.   Treatments include a 1-year warranty with optional and transferable lifetime warranty!
  • Domestic & Africanized Bee Swarms & Hives
  • Scorpions
  • Wasps
  • German Roaches 
  • Crickets & Beatles
  • Ants
  • Earwigs & Silver Fish
  • Carpet Beatles
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Rodents and Pigeons 
  • German Roaches

Our Service Areas include but are not limited to:






     -Queen Creek 

     -San Tan Valley 

     -Gold Canyon 

     -Apache Junction 




Meet our Staff 

Don Safcik & Ana Safcik 

Don is our QP.  He has extensive training in all Pest Control areas.  He will always educate our customers and go above and beyond to make our customers happy.   Don was a Salt River Police Officer and Sergeant for 12 years.  Don and Ana have been married for over 20 years and have 3 children.   Even when he is on vacation, Don is always working!   

Casey Moore & Valerie Moore 

Casey has extensive knowledge in all pest control areas.  He will go above and beyond for each and every customer so they are happy with their service and know they can always call in if they are having any problems at all.  Casey was in the Army right out of high school and a Mesa Police Officer for 10 years.    He has always wanted to serve and help make his community a better and safe place.  

Valerie Moore works in the office 6-7 days a week.  She handles all the office responsibilities.  She Loves our customers and strives to make each and every customer feel like a part of the Bug Police Family.   Previously, she has worked as a Customer Service Rep in construction, insurance and plumbing.  Her children are her pride and joy.   You can always reach her by text/phone in the office at 480.201.9327 or her direct line at 480.772.6272.

Casey & Valerie have been married for over 10 years.  They have 5 children ages 17, 12, 12, 8, & 6.  When they are not working, they are spending time with their children and family.  As a family they enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and anything outdoors.  

You can see more Bug Police family photos in our photos section.   

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All of your pest control needs!

Bug Police is a locally owned and operated licensed company, that will work with you personally, to treat all your pest control needs/issues. Your property will be treated by one of the owners of the company who will strive to make your property as safe as possible through pest control/elimination. We offer a variety of solutions from general pest control monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly treatments to thermal heat treatments with warranties and chemical treatments for bed bug infestations. 

General Pest  

Bug Police offers No Contract general pest control service.  We offer monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or as needed general pest control.  Call, text, or email the office for your personal quote.  We offer discounts for Police, Fire, Corrections, and Active Military.  Be sure to mention to us if you fall under one of these categories to receive your discount.  

Our Specialities


Bug Police is now offering more in depth ways to keep scorpions out of your home and away from your house!  We offer interior screening of vents and outlets, as well as, scorpion exclusions.   Scorpion exclusions can be scheduled from 8pm-11pm.  Call, text or email us today for your personalized quote.  


Bed Bugs

We are a professional extermination company with the experience and equipment to rid your home, business, motel or hotel of Bed Bug infestations.  Before moving furniture around or buying all new furniture, give us a call!  We can save you thousands of dollars.  We will always do an initial inspection.  At that time we will inform you of your treatment options for the best possible outcome.  We offer 6-12 month warranties on our heat treatments for bed bugs and guarantee our work.  After our initial inspection we will send you an "Inspection Report"; after treatment we will send you a "Post Treatment Report"; and after our 30 day courtesy inspection and spray we will send you a "Final Report and Certificate of Guarantee".  This is for all heat treatments.   Our Chemical Treatment process is different, although after several studies and trials we have confidence in our chemical treatment procedure for bed bugs.  During our initial inspection, we will explain in depth the difference in treatments.  As of October 2017 Bug Police purchased a male Heeler we named Rocket who will be trained as a Bed Bug K9.  You will see Rocket riding along with Don & Tom on a regular basis.    In June 2017 Bug Police purchased a female German Shepard who we named Taurus.  Taurus will also be trained as a bed bed K9 specialist.   You will likely see Taurus riding along with Casey.    Please see our photo Gallery to watch our K9's as they grow, train, learn, and become specialists.         

Bed Bugs can be found in any home, business, apartment, etc.  Dwellings can become infested with bed bugs in a variety of ways including but not limited to: 

     -Bugs and eggs inadvertently brought in from other infested dwellings on a visiting persons clothing or luggage 

     -Infested items such as furniture, clothing, or backpacks 

     -Nearby dwellings if easy routes are available for travel (through duct work or false ceilings)

     -Wild animals such as bats or birds that may harbor bed bugs or related species such as the bat bug 

     -People visiting an infested area (apartment, subway, movie theatre, hotel, etc) and carrying the bugs to another area on their clothing, luggage or bodies. 

     -Though bed bugs will feed on pets, they do not live or travel on the skin of their hosts and pets are not believed to be a factor in their spread. 


Bed bugs are elusive and usually nocturnal (peak activity usually occurs between 10pm and 6am), which can make their detection difficult.  Bug Police is extremely knowledgable and successful in finding bed bugs when they are present.  They often lodge in dark crevices and the tiny adhesive eggs can be nestled by the hundreds in fabric seams.   Aside from bite symptoms, signs include fecal spots/stains, blood smears on sheets and the presence of their empty mounted exoskeletons.      

Bees & Wasps 

Has a Bee Swarm invaded your residential home or commercial business?   Arizona Bees are dangerous and can be very aggressive if they are Africanized bees.   Call us today 480.201.9327 and we can kill and remove any bee colony that has made a new home at your house or business.  We offer extremely competitive pricing when it comes to Bee removal and we offer warranties on all of our bee removals.   If you or a family member has been stung by a bee and suspect a reaction always call 911 immediately.   

Wasps and bees are beneficial insects, although they are generally considered to be pests because of their ability to sting.   Wasps, in particular, can become a problem in autumn when they may disrupt many outdoor activities.  People often mistakenly call all stinging insects "bees".  While both social wasps and bees live in colonies ruled by queens and maintained by workers, they look and behave differently.   It is important to distinguish between these insects because different methods may be necessary to control them if they become a nuisance.   

If you have a wasp problem, call us today!  We can safely remove the wasps and destroy their nests for a very low cost.  


Scorpions are a huge problem in Arizona!  We have several varieties and usually the smaller the scorpion, the harder to see and their sting is usually much more powerful.  Scorpions feed on other insects like crickets and roaches and by taking care of these pests you can help cut down on the scorpion population of your home or business.  If you have found one, chances are you have many and it is time to call us.  Scorpion Control is something that just about every Arizona Residential home or business needs on a monthly or bimonthly basis.  Scorpion stings, in some cases can be very dangerous and involve hospitalization and the necessary anti-venom.   If you or a family member has been stung by a scorpion and you suspect a reaction happening, always call Poison Control or 911 immediately.   

Other specialties include German Roaches, Crickets, Ants (of numerous species), Earwigs, Silverfish, Centipedes, Carpet Beetles, Fleas & Ticks, Rodents, Pigeons, and more.  

Always feel free to call, text or email us any questions you may have about any pests and we will help educate you on the issue and help you solve the problem you are having at a very reasonable and competitive price with excellent service.  

Give us a call today.

If this is an emergency please call us at (480) 201-9327.  If you can not reach us by phone please send a text.  You may also try the office at (480)265-8255.  If you would like to schedule services please use the email form, or call/text to schedule monthly,  bimonthly, or a one time pest control service for your residential home or commercial business/building. 

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Bed Bug Specialists in Arizona!   We WILL rid your home of bed bugs with a warranty!   We also specialize in German Roaches, those small roaches that can infest kitchens and even entire households.  We will remove bee hives with a warranty!    We will remove wasps nests.  We will control rodent and pigeon issues.  We are 100% customer service oriented and also offer general pest control with no initial start up fees and no contracts.   Call us today for ANY pest issue you may be having.  We offer extremely competitive pricing and strive to give you the lowest price possible!

Bed bugs, Bees, Wasps, Scorpions, German Roaches, Crickets, Beetles, Ants, Silverfish, Earwigs, Carpet Beetles, Fleas, Ticks, Rodents, Pigeons, Roaches, Mesquitos, Flies and more! 

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As of June 2017, Bug Police is under new ownership. Don & Anna Safcik and Casey & Valerie Moore.   We absolutely love our customers and will honor your previous prices for general pest control  in most situations.   Call us anytime if you are having any issues at all and we will always do our best so you are 100% satisfied with your service.   We LOVE reviews!  Please review us on Facebook, Google or Yelp. 

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